Your Breast Health: Importance of Regular Screenings


In a three-part video series, BestMedicine goes in depth on breast cancer detection with one patient’s story and expert advice from physicians and nurses. In part one – why regular mammograms are so important.

It’s not only important to get an annual mammogram – it might just save your life. That’s what happened to April Durnil, who was diagnosed with breast cancer after receiving a mammogram and biopsy two years ago. Durnil’s cancer was caught early at Renown Breast Health Center and she received treatment through Renown Institute for Cancer.

Medical experts agree that regular mammograms are literal lifesavers. “Mammography has been the single most important technological advancement in the last several decades,” said Brian Juell, MD, FACS, an oncology surgeon and medical director for Renown Breast Health Center. “And the reason that is true is that we can detect cancers when they are small, in 70 percent of the women presented with early stage breast cancer. And when we do detect these early cancers, we have a much higher rate of curing the patient.”

When getting tested for breast cancer, it’s also important to remember: Your doctor is required to tell you if you have dense breast tissue. If that’s the case, you may get a recommendation for an ultrasound screening or MRI in addition to your mammogram, as those tests provide stronger detection for women with dense breast tissue.

Part 2 of Series: When It’s More Than a Routine Screening

Part 3 of Series: New Tech Includes 3D Mammography

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Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women in the U.S. and can also develop in men. To schedule a mammogram or total breast ultrasound, call 775-982-8100 or schedule an appointment online.


  1. They are right that Mammograms are important. With breast cancer in my family I made sure that I had mine. That is the reason that I am still here. My Breast Cancer was detect at stage 0 and stage 1. My doctor comment when she told me was that I never thought I would have to tell you this but you have Cancer.