Six-Time Stroke Survivor Blogs Her Way to Better Health


Jennifer Saake recently celebrated life after suffering six strokes at only 39-years-old. She has had a long road to recovery. After nearly two months in the ICU at Renown Regional Medical Center and Renown Institute for Neurosciences, Jennifer worked on regaining her mobility at Renown Rehabilitation Hospital.  Three years later, Jennifer’s blog, “Stroke of Grace,” has become a form of therapy and an online support group for other stroke survivors.

Not expected to live or recover, Jennifer is now walking with a cane, has recovered much of her eye-sight, some hearing and partial use of her hands. She attributes much of her recovery to the great care she received at the Renown Rehabilitation Hospital, along with blogging, music and water therapy, and her supportive family and friends.


  1. […] initially started my “Stroke of Grace” blog with the several-times-per week, weary detailing of the early years of my catastrophic stroke […]
  2. Jenni, this video was amazing. It showed me so much of what you had gone through and continue to go thru, but i love the fact that you have gotten to the point where you won't let it define you. you have unbelievable courage, and you inspire me in my illness. God Bless you and your family. May the Grace of God be with you always. The butterfly has been my favorite ever since i became ill, and it has the same meaning for me. i have butterflies on so many things. Love you Jenni <3
  3. Oh my beautiful big sis!! You are so very gorgeous. What a delight to see and hear you. You shine with the joy of the Lord and your testimony to Him through so very much suffering never ceases to amaze and encourage and inspire me. You are doing SO well, praise God for how He has carried and sustained you. I love you. Big kisses from Down Under xxx
  4. Oh, Jen, how wonderful to see you doing so well, and yet as I watched, I knew how much effort and time and patience has gone into each little movement. Getting those boots on alone was once impossible. I wondered if you were able to get that swim suit on alone (because I know I sure couldn't! LOL) I so appreciate your heart, your endurance, and your journey, that you refuse to take alone, but to always find a way that God can use it to help others. To God be the glory! But o, my friend, to you be the JOY!
  5. Bless you for showing what dedication, strength of character, and tenacity can do. Sharing your journey is sucha great way to pay it forward, you are an inspiration!
  6. What an incredible story of an incredible woman! I have had the privilege of knowing Jenni for almost 2 decades. She has always been an amazing woman. It was wonder to hear her voice again!