Protect Yourself from the Flu During Pregnancy


During pregnancy, your immune system wards off infection for your unborn child, leaving you more susceptible to infection and adverse health conditions. So avoid the flu this winter: Protect yourself and your unborn baby by getting vaccinated. 

I highly recommend flu shots for ALL women during pregnancy. It is important you receive the injected vaccine, versus the live vaccine, which is a nasal spray, which can cause the flu to occur. Your immune system, during pregnancy, is fighting infections off for the baby, so it isn’t working as well for you; you might be very susceptible to infections during pregnancy.

Pass the Flu Immunity on to Your Baby

Also, remember that you will also be able to pass the immunity onto your baby if you breastfeed, which will protect your baby from the flu as well.

It is also recommended that other people in your house get the flu vaccination if they are at a high risk for exposure, like around children or are a health care worker. Also, washing hands throughout flu season is the best way to prevent the spread of infection – this means moms, dads, and kids.

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Tamsen Carson, PA

Tamsen Carson is an OB/GYN physician assistant with Renown Health. She provides essential prenatal, pregnancy and post-pregnancy care to women, including delivering babies. Tamsen completed her OB/GYN Physician Assistant residency at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton, CA and has been a part of the Renown Health team for more than five years.

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