Musselman: Sportscaster, Fitness Instructor, Coach’s Wife on Living Well

Danyelle Musselman

Danyelle Musselman wears many hats: sportscaster, fitness instructor, mom and coach’s wife, to name a few. How does she maintain good emotional and physical health during busy times, especially in the midst of her husband’s busy season as the coach of Wolf Pack Men’s Basketball? We sat down with Musselman at Lawlor Events Center to learn her tips for stress-free living.

For Danyelle Musselman — sportscaster, fitness instructor, mom and wife — exercise is a tremendous stress release for both her and her husband, Wolf Pack Men’s Basketball Coach Eric Musselman.

“My husband works out every single morning. And I think without that he would probably be completely wound up and wound tight,” Musselman says. “But it’s the same for me. I like to get in, teach a spin class, and I can just take myself out of my head and focus on that and just let go.”

Musselman says her biggest challenge at home is making sure her husband, two stepsons and daughter get enough sleep, so she tries to unwind the house down as early as possible.

And healthy eating during the busy basketball season can be a challenge, too. Spending a lot of time at the University of Nevada’s Lawlor Events Center during the basketball season, Musselman is excited to have healthy food options thanks to a collaboration with Renown Health and the Wolf Pack.

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“I live here during basketball season, so I don’t want to blow my diet,” Musselman says. “I wish that arenas and stadiums across the country would pick up on this idea.”

To learn more about the healthy choices at the Renown concession at Wolf Pack games or discover new recipes, visit to