Giving Birth During a Pandemic

giving birth pandemic

Giving birth during a pandemic might not have been part of your original birth plan. If you are pregnant and planned to receive prenatal care and give birth at Renown, you might be wondering if it’s still safe to do so. Jenna Moffat, an employee at Renown Health, shared her recent experience with giving birth in the hospital and having her newborn in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Giving birth is one of life’s most joyous moments. However, women who are pregnant might be feeling burdened by the stress caused by COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. They might be asking themselves, “Is it safe to give birth in a hospital?” The simple answer is Renown Health is always prepared to safely serve members of the Northern Nevada community who are in need of care. 

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What is it like to give birth during a pandemic?

Moffat welcomed her baby boy on May 6, 2020. Although she was anxious about giving birth during a pandemic, Renown Health made the experience both comfortable and safe for her and her baby. 

Moffat was admitted two days ahead of her scheduled delivery date, and her baby was delivered 5 weeks early via c-section due to preeclampsia. She shared that they felt confident in the safety and cleanliness of the hospital. “Our room was cleaned often, and there were signs on the wall that indicated when it was last disinfected,” said Moffat.

Can I visit my baby in the NICU?

While there are restrictions on the amount of time parents can spend with their newborn babies in the NICU, the hospital staff works hard to keep parents up-to-date on how their babies are doing. Right now, parents with children in the NICU are allowed to visit once per day, for an hour each day. These restrictions are in place to keep both the baby and parents safe and healthy. 

“My son’s stay in the NICU mirrored the same consideration for safety and empathy we experienced during our stay. Although we could not be with him 24/7, we were always given updates on his progress and felt that the nurses were invested in his healing,” Moffat said.

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Will I have to wear a mask in labor?

As patients, they were required to wear a mask when outside of their rooms to avoid exposing others. However, Moffet did not have to wear it in her room. She adds, “No, they do not make you wear a mask during labor.”

Can my partner or loved one stay with me?

Although there are visitor restrictions in place, Moffat’s husband was able to be by her side the entire time. The hospital also took additional precautions to protect them and their little one. Every employee – from doctors to nurses, housekeeping, and food delivery, wore a mask to protect them from exposure.