Renown and Susan G. Komen Nevada Offer Free Breast Screening and Diagnostic Services

Breast Ultrasound

Regular mammograms are key to catching cancer early. Together with Susan G. Komen Nevada, Renown Breast Health is offering free breast screening and diagnostics to low-income and minority women.

Focused on improving our community’s health together, Susan G. Komen Nevada has awarded a grant to Renown Health Foundation to support free mammography screening and diagnostic services for women in Washoe County and Carson City.

Qualifying for Free Breast Screening

Low-income and minority women who haven’t had a breast health screening in two or more years may qualify. To learn more and see if you qualify, call 775-982-4186.

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Working Together to Improve Outcomes

This grant epitomizes Renown Health’s vision of partnering to inspire better health in our community. Komen affiliates – like Komen Nevada – fund screenings, diagnostic and treatment services to try to achieve their goal of reducing U.S. breast cancer deaths by 50 percent by 2026.

“To achieve our bold goal, we need to not only invest in groundbreaking research, but we also need to provide real-time help to those facing the disease and support efforts to detect breast cancer early,” said Chelsea Robinson, Executive Director of Komen Nevada. “Caught early, breast cancer has a higher rate of survival, and the side effects from treatment could lessen. We are confident that through Renown Health, more women in our community will have low-cost access to the care they need.”

The Importance of Regular Screenings

Furthermore, Nevada has a higher breast cancer death rate than those seen nationwide. This highlights just how important it is to stay up to date with routine screenings. Recently, BestMedicine followed a patient who talked about how getting checked helped catch her cancer early.

To see if you qualify for free breast health screenings, call 775-982-4186.


Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention

Breast cancer begins when abnormal cells in the breast grow out of control. These cells form tumors that can grow into the surrounding tissue and spread to other parts of the body. Breast cancer occurs mostly in women, but men can also develop breast cancer.

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