The Benefits of Taking an Early Pregnancy Class


This free one-time Early Pregnancy class meets for two hours and is suitable through your second trimester.  Find out how you can get connected with educators and other soon-to-be moms, plus get details on what specifically you will learn in the class.

Let us help you get off to a great start by taking our “complimentary” Early Pregnancy class at Renown. By taking a class early in your pregnancy, or even before pregnancy can be of great benefit. One thing to note: The class fills up quickly so be sure that you sign up as soon as you know you are pregnant, if not before. Classes are suitable from before pregnancy thru your second trimester.

Get connected

We want to help you through this amazing journey and guide you into the best possible pregnancy. These early pregnancy classes are wonderful for laying down an important foundation of what you need to know to have a healthy pregnancy. It’s the perfect start to your pregnancy and a great opportunity to meet and stay connected with other expecting families, as well as with our team of certified educators who will guide you every step of the way.

What you will learn

You will learn how your baby is developing which can make your pregnancy more real and exciting than ever. This can be a special time between you and your partner to bond and grow together as soon-to-be parents. This is a time to connect with your baby, and it’s the best time to ask questions. Some of your questions might be: how can I eat healthy for me and my baby, what can I do to stay fit during pregnancy, what can I expect during my doctor visits, how can I be more mindful and prepare mentally for this pregnancy. These are just a few topics that will be discussed in our Early Pregnancy class.

Let us be a part of your birth story!

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Contributed by Chris Marlo, Certified Instructor, International Childbirth Education Association, Renown Children’s Hospital


  1. I totally agree with you. My cousin was currently pregnant. And I am going to share this suggestion with her. Hope so she will understand about early pregnancy class benefited. Thank for the sharing this as a helpful article.