Video: Group Acupuncture is Affordable and Convenient


What began more than 3,000 years ago is now a popular treatment method for a variety of aches, pains and ailments. With proven health benefits, acupuncture has evolved beyond an “alternative therapy” and is now covered by many major insurance providers. But if you’re not yet covered, don’t fret. Renown Health has an affordable solution – group acupuncture.

Renown Health started group acupuncture as a way to offer relief to patients who did not have private treatments as a covered benefit under their insurance plans. With group acupuncture, you simply pay $44 out-of-pocket and receive healing acupuncture treatment in a comfortable group setting.

Watch: Learn More About Group Acupuncture

“Group acupuncture is appropriate for many conditions, including back pain as well as sciatica,” Dr. Chen explains. “Almost all conditions can be treated while you’re fully clothed and sitting in the chair.”

Group acupuncture sessions are offered daily. And patients are experiencing benefits beyond the cost savings and medical relief.

“I’m very busy, and the process is first come, first served,” says acupuncture patient LaVonne Brooks. “If I’m just a few minutes late, it doesn’t matter, because there will be people in front of me who Dr. Chen will be able to see first. I can take my place in line and still be able to come.”

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