Renown’s New Spiritual Sanctuary Opens Soon


At Renown Health, we honor the diverse beliefs of our community and how faith and spirituality play a role in healing. Learn how Renown is creating a sacred space to provide solace to all, regardless of religious background.

Renown is expanding its Spiritual Care program to meet the diverse spiritual needs of patients in our region. One of the first steps is the renovation of the Henry Kohl Memorial Chapel at Renown Regional Medical Center, which is set to be completed this spring.

The space first opened in 1964 with an altar, pews, benches for kneeling and a more traditional feel. Once the renovation is complete, the new Spiritual Center & Estelle J. Kelsey Interfaith Sanctuary will become a resource center and multi-use space that will fully embrace all faith practices and the diversity of patients, their loved ones and caregivers.

“This history of the chapel is long and very special to Renown,” says Sean Savoy, Spiritual Center project developer. “Now we want everyone to feel welcome–all denominations of Christianity and all faiths.”


By working side-by-side with the Nevada Interfaith Association to create the spiritual center, Renown can offer patients in the region better access to more comprehensive spiritual care programs. The center will become a cornerstone for programs where patients and families can gather for fellowship, guidance, peace, reflection, comfort and strength.

“It represents a change throughout our healthcare system to incorporate spiritual care into the care of the people who come to Renown,” says Chris Needham, Renown director of member health and wellness. “It’s sort of the point of the sphere for spiritual care being incorporated into a lot of what we do throughout the healthcare system, not just in that one space.” 

The project was funded by the community, including Renown Foundation, the Nevada Interfaith Association and private and nonprofit donors. 

“It’s really important to have a place like that in a hospital to provide a sacred space for people to come and have a quiet moment, a place to meditate, maybe a place to cry, to be angry, to share those emotions with other people,” says Renown Chaplain C. Brent Hoy-Bianchi. “It’s not always easy to do in a waiting room or patient’s room.” 

Renown Health Foundation Board Member Patricia Meidell says she knows first-hand about the power of prayer and its connection to strength and healing.

“My daughter had a serious illness and I really credit a lot to the power of prayer to finding some of the answers that were needed in a very short period of time,” says Meidell, who is also president of the Nevada Interfaith Association.

Renown Foundation held an art contest to have people show what spirituality means to them. Three of the selected entries are hanging in the hallway outside of the interfaith sanctuary. 

You’re invited to help Renown determine the future direction of spiritual care programming by taking our survey. Responses are confidential and will provide aggregate data to help guide the future direction of programs through spiritual care.


Spiritual Care | 775-982-7729

At Renown Health, we believe your spiritual well-being may be just as important to your health and recovery as the medical treatments you receive.

 For more information about the Spiritual Center & Estelle J. Kelsey Interfaith Sanctuary, or to make an appointment, please call 775-982-7729, or visit us online.