Patient’s Quality of Life Improves with TeleHealth

Patient’s Quality of Life Improves with TeleHealth

Patient’s Quality of Life Improves with TeleHealth
Renown TeleHealth brings together rural physicians with experts from Renown’s health network, no matter where in the region a patient lives. This way, a patient does not have to travel at all for the care they need.
Yerington resident Christie Baldock makes faster progress in her mobility and overall health

Christie Baldock’s life has considerably changed for the better. A resident of rural Yerington, she has been beset with many health concerns since leg and hip injuries left her bedridden and unable to stand, sit or walk since 2010.

A Senior Care Plus member, Christie was able to take advantage of Renown TeleHealth — a new service offered by Renown Health for patients to conveniently connect with specialists. By having health experts virtually meet with her, Christie has made great strides in her personal health – and all without leaving her home.

“I have never experienced anything so incredibly amazing,” she writes. “It is such an outstanding program for bedridden patients as myself and has literally opened up an entire world for me, as I’m sure it will for many other patients.”

Through a secure video connection linking TeleHealth patients and their healthcare providers to a physician specialist, patients do not have to travel for the care they need, no matter where in the region they live. TeleHealth, experts can consult with patients on evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

Some of the TeleHealth advantages Christie has seen include :

  • Access to specialists that may not be available locally
  • Receiving specialized care close to work, home and family
  • Cost savings by not having to travel long distances
  • A more detailed review of the patient’s medical history and current condition through two-way communication between specialist and patient

For Christie, her TeleHealth care team included a primary care physician, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nutritionists and behavioral health experts. She praised them for their work in helping her improve her quality of life.

“It has literally brought me from being a patient that was bed-bound for over four years, to one who is now starting to walk again,” she writes. “Goals have been set and goals are being met. I am working intently each day with my therapists and their medical guidance. Thank God for all of you and for the TeleHealth program.”