Meet An Expert: Howard Chen, MD


Medical director of preventive and integrative medicine at Renown Health, Howard Chen, MD works with patients to help prevent disease. Dr. Chen also practices eastern medicine through relaxation, body movements, harmonizing both internally and with the environment and acupuncture.


  1. Hello. I watched your video and am in desperate need of information on acupuncture for arrhythmia. Perhaps you could refer me to a acupuncturist in my area (SW Washington State). I've had a constant stream of arrhythmia for weeks and am getting tired and weak. I've had an ablation a year and a half ago, but it didn't take for long. I am currently on Flecinaide, no other meds, lots of natural supplements and herbs, but still no break-through. I would very much appreciate a return answer as soon as possible. I just need some hope and some answers. Thank you in advance, Bud
  2. Love, love, love your new (to me) title, and love seeing your face in MyChart. Many warm congrats to you, Dr Chen!!