Happy Mother’s Day: What I’ve Learned From my Mom


In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked a group of children what they’ve learned from their mothers.

shutterstock_117061873-300x242Sofia, age 7
“My mom taught me to say please and thank you all the time… most of the time I remember.”

Alexandra, age 5
“I learned that I need to clean my room and pick up my shoes.”

Robbi, age 14
“I’ve learned a lot from my mom. She teaches me important things all the time – like patience, responsibility and to have a good sense of humor.”

Tara, age 17
“My mom is great. She’s taught me to be my own person. Don’t do things just because others are doing it. She is my role model.”

Jack, age 5
“My mom teaches me how to go to bed and that we always read a story together at bedtime.” 

Dillon, age 9
“I have learned that I need to think and be smart and make good decisions.”

Parker, age 11
“My mom always says I need to be a lady, have good manners and act my age.”

Ezeil, age 8
“My mom is really smart. She teaches me and my sister to behave. Even when we don’t behave, she still tells us to.”

Happy Mother’s Day!