Furry Friends Foster Good Feelings


Every week 14 cuddly canines bring smiles to patients and staff at Renown Health as part of its Healing Arts Program. Research has shown that not only are dogs good for the soul, but they’re good for your heart, immune system and overall health as well. Follow Durrell as he assumes the roles of nurse, therapist and best friend while making his rounds to brighten the day of patients at Renown Regional Medical Center.


  1. I have used my dog, Molley, at Rehab for 2 years assisting with therapy appointments, then for 7 more at Skilled Nursing, visiting patients. Every time I see someone light up from a furry friend, I cannot help but smile. Good job!
    • Hi Marlene, For more information on the Healing Arts Program, please visit http://www.renown.org/HealingArts. Thank you.
  2. I have personally had the opportunity to meet a furry friend in the past and I can't tell you how much joy it gave me to take my mind off "discomfort" if only for a short time! X O X O X O