VIDEO: Why a Mammogram Alone May Not Be Enough


Mammograms alone may not be enough. For women with dense breast tissue, knowing your breast tissue type is absolutely critical, as cancers embedded in dense breast tissue are not always detectable with a mammogram alone. Dense breast tissue requires a breast ultrasound screening to get a complete breast health picture. If you are one of the 40 percent of women who have dense breast tissue, a breast ultrasound — in conjunction with a mammogram — could save your life.

Heather Reimer, Wendy Damonte and Chiqeeta Jameson know this firsthand — they have all been impacted by dense breast tissue. And together, they are on a mission to empower women across the nation through Each One. Tell One. — a movement to raise awareness of dense breast tissue for early breast cancer detection.

How Breast Tissue Density Affects Cancer Risk

(The Doctors) The Doctors are joined by members of Each One. Tell One. and the Dangerous Boobs Tour, who discuss the heightened cancer risks for women with dense breast tissue. Plus, learn about alternative breast cancer screening options that could save your life.

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