5 Deep Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress

deep breathing exercises to reduce stress
deep breathing exercises to reduce stress
Controlled breathing can lower blood pressure and help you relax.

Breathe your way into relaxation with these quick, easy exercises.

Stress has a way of getting to us, whether we are at work, driving or even in bed, but have you ever noticed how relaxing it is to take a deep breath?

Taking several deep breaths instantly lowers stress in the body – your brain interprets it as a signal to calm down — and it’s easy to complete a quick breathing exercise any where you are.

Try these five deep breathing exercises to help reduce tension and stress, and keep you calm:

  1. Inhale in, exhale out
     Breathe in through your nose for four to five seconds and then exhale fully. This helps calm your nerves and reduces tension.
  2. Slow, deep breaths
    Take in a deep, long breath through your nose. Repeat this several times. Tip: If you do this exercise for 5 to10 minutes each day, you can reduce your blood pressure!
  3. Work your muscles
    Close your eyes and start tensing your toes for a few seconds. Then, relax the muscles. Move onto your thighs, then your chest, arms and hands, neck and jaw. Take slow, deep breaths throughout the exercises.
  4. Visualize serenity
    Breathe deeply and “think positive.” Visualize things, people and places you enjoy and stop your mind from wandering to your to-do list or stressful thoughts. This exercise helps put you in a positive mind frame.
  5. Power breathing
    Take in a long, slow breath and use your stomach to help you quickly exhale through your nose. Repeat this several times every one to two seconds.