How to Keep Your Child Safe In and Around Cars


Children are not aware they could get hurt when it comes to playing outside around cars. Safe Kids Washoe County has some helpful information to keeping your child safe in and around cars.

A back-over occurs typically when a moving vehicle is coming out of a driveway or parking space and backs over a child due to the driver not seeing them. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, nearly 39 percent of children deaths occur from accidental back-overs at home, and there are about 92,000 children are treated for injuries that occur while in or around motor vehicles. 

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Even if you don’t have children yourself, here are some key safety tips around cars to ensure young ones stay safe.

Tips to Keep your Child Safe

  1. Check Your Car and Driveway for Kids
    Ensure that you take some time to walk around your car to check for children and always actively check your mirrors while backing up slowly. If you are with children, ensure that you or another adult find a safe spot for children to wait when nearby vehicles are about to move and ensure they can be seen.
  2. Limit Play in the Driveway
    Identify safe play areas for your children and ensure that these areas are away from parked or moving vehicles. Teach your child to keep toys and bikes out of the driveway, or at least ensure the area they are in is blocked off with cones or trashcans to prevent cars from coming in.
  3. Lend a Hand to Young Kids
    Hold children’s hand while walking near or in driveways, parking lots, sidewalk, or anywhere that moving vehicles are at. Help children getting in and out of vehicles safely.
  4. Car Technology Alone Can’t Be Relied On
    While many cars are now equipped with detection devices that provide rear-view video or warning sounds, they do not take the place of actively walking around your car to ensure children are safely out of the way. Children can often run out behind you, so taking extra precautions and not relying solely on your cars devices is best practice. 


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