Stop Skipping Breakfast! 4 Inspiring Reasons to Rise and Dine


For many of us, mornings can be hectic, ill-planned and a rush to get out the door. And that can also mean skipping breakfast, again. However, if you are attempting to drop a few pounds or want to start your day with some added pep, breakfast should be your first priority. Bonus: We’ve included a dietitian-approved, on-the-go breakfast burrito recipe along with some delicious and creative ways to spruce up your oatmeal!

Energize Your Morning With This Yummy Vegetarian Soy Chorizo and Egg Breakfast Burrito

Renown Cook Elena Torres shows you how to make a quick vegetarian breakfast burrito — including soy chorizo, veggies and spices — you can easily whip together and take with you on-the-go. And listen up meat lovers: One of the stars of the meal may be soy, but you won’t be able to taste the difference! Plus, this quick breakfast will leave you full, energized and satisfied throughout your morning.

Four Reasons You Should Stop Skipping Breakfast

1. Controls Your Weight
When it comes to losing weight, and keeping it off, it can be tempting to skip meals in order for you to save on calories. However, skipping breakfast can backfire on your weight loss journey, causing you to gain weight instead.

Going without food in the morning also increases the amount of insulin in your body which can cause your body to store more fat. And when you miss your morning meal and wait several hours until you eat at lunch, you can become very hungry (and possibly cranky) causing you to eat whatever is on hand.

Unfortunately, this may not include the healthiest options, such as sugary treats in your break room, and the extra calories can cause weight gain.

2. Increases Your Energy
The longer you go without eating food, the more glycogen — stored collections of sugar called glucose — your muscles will use. This equals a decrease in your energy levels.

Remember: Your body creates energy from the food you eat. This means the more food you eat consistently throughout the day, the more energy you will also have. It helps to start your day feeling renewed, rested and with enough energy to take on your morning commute and stay energized until lunch.

3. Improves Concentration and Productiveness
Have you ever experienced a midmorning slump or feel grouchy shortly after starting your day? Hunger can affect your mood, concentration and alertness. It can also affect your productiveness at work or while you attempt to tackle your to-do list.

Eating a healthy breakfast that is high in protein such as eggs, meat and thick yogurts will help you focus and stay productive the entire morning.

4. Nutrition
Your body needs a minimum amount of nutrients in order to keep your organs functioning properly. Starting your day with a filling meal gives you a head start on meeting your nutritional requirements for the day and can also help you get on the path to choosing healthier food options.

People who eat breakfast tend to make healthier meal choices throughout the rest of the day.


Wake Up Your Oatmeal With Healthy Toppings

If you love a steaming bowl of comfort food first thing in the morning, you definitely want to try some of the sweet and healthy toppings to add a little color and variety to your day.

Berries are a great source of antioxidants, such as anthocyanins, ellagic acid and resveratrol.

Figs offer more potassium than bananas and are also packed with iron.

Just one tablespoon provides a good amount of protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, in addition to being a rich source of some vitamins and minerals.

Citrus Fruit
Citrus fruit, like Mandarin oranges, pack healthy punches of vitamins A and C in addition to fiber.

Pomegranate Seeds
Try topping your oatmeal with pomegranate seeds. They are chock full of antioxidants, fiber, folate, and vitamins C and K.