Pregnancy Insights, Part 2: What I Wish I Knew


We asked, you answered — and in abundance! Real-life moms and dads (and moms- and dads-to-be) offered up 10 pregnancy surprises a few weeks ago. Now we have tons more of these real pregnancy insights.

You really loved our first part of what you wished you knew before, during and after pregnancy. In that story, we asked moms and dads what they wished they had known would happen during pregnancy. Here is Part 2, featuring more real-life, crowdsourced pregnancy surprises from parents.  

More Real-Life Pregnancy Insights

    1. “That sometimes you have to buy a ‘donut’ pillow because of the crazy painful pressure on your tailbone.” — Tracie B.
    2. “Do you remember the sickening taste of the neon orange beverage we had to drink to screen for prenatal diabetes? Nobody warned me. Twenty-one years later— still not over it.” — Dagmar B.
    3. “I never knew that ‘morning sickness’ could be all-day sickness. I felt really angry, throwing up eight times a day, that no one had ever warned me.” — Jacci T.
    4. “Nobody warned me that my face would break out way more than I ever did as a teenager. I looked like I could star in an ad for adult acne medication. Also nobody warned me that the nursery would only look all sweet and perfect and like the front of a baby card until I gave birth. It all went downhill after that.” — Jodi A.
    5. “I had night sickness. Every night. And because of that, I couldn’t open my mouth to brush my teeth. It would make me throw up. So for seven months, I mostly swished with mouthwash. Occasionally I tried brushing my tongue. I had to do it freaky fast, though.” — Chris C.
    6. “I had morning sickness morning, noon and night for five months and everyone acted like it was normal. Also, I would have liked to have know that I had the nose of a special forces K-9 Team. I would have worn a nose plug all five months of ‘morning’ — whoops, I mean, ‘24/7’ — sickness.“ — Christina Y.
    7. “The fact that nobody mentions ‘10’ months until you’re actually pregnant. Who added that extra month, and why isn’t anyone talking about it?” — Raejean S.
    8. “Carpel tunnel syndrome.” — Kristen K.
    9. “I thought the whole labor thing was much easier than it looked on TV with all the screaming and clutching they always show. Mine was natural and pretty easy until they said ‘push.’ That hurt like hell, and I said so. But at that point there was no going back. I had no clue how much that would hurt.” — Jacci T.
    10. “That my foot size would grow.” — Kimberlee T.
    11. “The surprise for me is how fast I lost every shred of modesty and didn’t care who was looking at what ever again. I also wish someone had told me not to ask my husband to bring me real clothes for the trip home. It was demoralizing to have to wear those friggin’ maternity clothes over again when the cute little outfit did not fit on my post-baby body.” — Lynnae H.
    12. “My legs had so much edema, they were basically memory foam; my feet grew a size and a half and have never gone back to normal; I only ate watermelon and sandwiches and still gained exactly 60 pounds with both of my pregnancies. And I exercised the entire time.” — Brandi A.
    13. “That I would bleed for weeks afterward… What the hell?” — Kate C.
    14. “I didn’t realize how much I would miss wine. Like literally shed tears over wine. Multiple times.
      …that I couldn’t brush my teeth thoroughly because my gag reflex was on high alert.
      …how low my sex drive was. I didn’t even want my husband to touch me.
      …how amazing it was to not have a period!
      …mucus plug. Let’s just leave it at that.
      …how utterly tired I was towards the end. My whole body was tired.  Even my fingernails.
      …the swelling. I knew there would be swelling. But I didn’t realize I would literally have to buy new shoes to work in towards the end.
      …(technically not pregnancy) but delivering the after birth and those tummy compressions afterwards were the absolute worst and most painful things I’ve ever experienced. Like. Ever.” — Brooke K.

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