Premature Birth Leads to a Renown First: A NICU Wedding


They spent day and night in the NICU after their daughter was born prematurely. So an engaged couple decided to hold a NICU wedding, with their preemie right by their side. Here’s their story. 

Jon and Ashley Jacobsen put a lot of their plans on hold when their daughter was prematurely born and spent 50 days in the Renown Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The couple first planned to wed in June, then decided maybe an elopement was a better way to go. They had their family now, and they wanted their new baby, Harper, to be there.

So they decided the sooner the better, and they asked one of the nurses about getting married by Harper’s side in the NICU.

“Every day a family walks into the NICU, they leave empty-handed until that very last day, and there’s nothing you can do about that,” says Renown NICU nurse Rachel Miller, RN. “But we could do something about this.”

Planning a NICU Wedding — in 24 Hours

Although the night nurses had never heard of a NICU wedding happening at Renown before, they decided to pull it together within 24 hours with flowers, a cake, champagne and even a backdrop for pictures. Renown Chaplain Greg Kuehn came in on his night off to perform the ceremony.

Ashley Jacobsen says, “Nothing mattered anymore. We just needed our family. It was magical.”

The Jacobsens attribute Harper’s survival to the care she got from the team of nurses who spent day and night with her in the NICU.


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