Mindful Birth & Meditation: How They Can Help During Labor

mindful birth

Mindful birth and meditation classes can have a profound positive effect as you journey through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and into parenthood. Chris Shoaf, a 28-year birth and meditation instructor, talks about the benefits and what you will experience in these important classes. 

Finding out you are pregnant can be both exciting and stressful. Mindful-based childbirth classes can help you connect with yourself and your child — both emotionally and spiritually — throughout pregnancy, birth and even after childbirth.

During meditation, we press “pause” on our daily life, learning to focus only on our breath. This helps to calm constant thoughts, allowing you to relax and create a different level of awareness. Meditation can actually change our brains and has been shown to reduce stress, increase brain volume and ease depression. A regular meditation practice can help you react less negatively to the unpredictable situations during pregnancy and as a new parent. Meditation is a safe and effective way to help with a medication-free birth and may help you reduce the pain experienced during labor contractions.

By being mindful and relaxed, you are able to ride the waves of each contraction without being fearful, allowing your body to do the work it needs without fighting every contraction.  Your journey into birth can be amazing if you change how you look at birth and not fear what nature has intended. Mindful birth classes can teach you how to birth with confidence — they can teach you how to trust that your body will do the work it needs if you can allow yourself to simply “be.” 

Benefits of Taking a Mindful Birth Class

By participating in a mindful birth class offered through Renown, you will:

  • Prepare your body, mind and soul
  • Slow yourself down, creating space to be more emotionally healthy and available
  • Consider birth plans and how not to get too attached to them
  • Learn how to focus away from the pain
  • Examine how to create an optimal birth environment
  • Learn how to breathe, relax and ride the waves of life
  • Understand the importance, role and responsibilities of the birth partner

Remember: The goal of childbirth is to bring a healthy life into the world. Please don’t lose sight of this or take it for granted. Be informed and know your options: Trusting your health care providers and asking questions is extremely beneficial. Be an intensely proud new parent, whether you have a two- or 24-hour labor, an emergency C-section, an epidural or a medication-free delivery.

Birth is beautiful, no matter how it unfolds. 


Mindful Birth Class | 775-982-RSVP (7787)

This 3-hour class, offered once a month, is designed for those who want to learn a more organic approach to giving birth. We will practice mindfulness and learn how it can be a beneficial element in the birth process. By taking this class, expectant parents will tap into their inner reservoirs of strength and confidence, learning how to be fully present. This class will help prepare you for birth not just mentally, but emotionally — with heart and soul.


  • Meditation for pregnancy and birth
  • Organic comfort measures and positions
  • How to breathe and relax
  • Finding your own rhythm for birth
  • Birth art and journaling
  • Enhancing partner communication skills