Bond with Baby & Lose the Baby Weight

lose the baby weight

If you’re a new mom, you’ve probably been there: Your pregnancy is over and you’re overjoyed to have your little one here, but you’re a little less excited about the extra pounds left behind. So how can you get fit after baby – while also spending quality time with your baby? Read on.

Getting back to your pre-pregnancy self is no easy task. On average, women gain 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. Now imagine you’re lucky and you lose a pound per week after your little one arrives. You’re still looking at six to nine months to get back your pre-baby body.

lose the baby weight

(Let’s just say it’s a good thing your new addition is cute.)

Lose the Baby Weight: Getting Back in Gear

So, how do you get back in workout mode – especially when you have a new baby vying for all your attention? Easy: Grab your little one and the stroller and hit up a workout class focused on both mom and baby.

Baby Boot Camp classes are becoming increasingly popular nationwide. This stroller-based fitness class is actually designed to help new moms workout without the stress of finding a babysitter – because kids are welcome, too.

These classes will soon be at Renown Health led by Tara Linderman, local Baby Boot Camp and nationally certified group fitness instructor. Tara says she’s seen firsthand that the benefits are more than just physical. “For new moms dealing with postpartum depression and baby blues, I think this is one of the most effective ways to calm those symptoms,” she says. “A lot of moms feel ashamed, but getting out and going somewhere where you will be surrounded by moms who have been through it too is really helpful.”

Moms-to-be Welcome Too

And the classes aren’t just for new moms. Moms-to-be are also invited to come and sweat – to strengthen their muscles in preparation for labor. “I think it’s important to stay in shape throughout your pregnancy for the benefits of both mom and baby,” says Tara. “Delivery has proven to be much easier when a mom is in shape, even if you’re just walking and doing low-impact exercise.”

Tara says she’s even had women stick with it for their whole pregnancy. “I’ve had moms that could do burpees at 9 months pregnant! Of course, everyone is different. So I encourage you to listen to your body and if you need, just take the workout down a notch.”

Added Benefits for Baby

You might be surprised to hear, there are benefits for the little ones too. “The biggest benefit for the babies is they are seeing their moms live a healthy lifestyle,” Tara says. “They pick up on it, especially around 1 or 2 years old. My girls love to do burpees, pushups and pretend to exercise with their own stroller.”

The Fine Print

Keep in mind, if you’re pregnant you’ll need your doctor’s permission – unless you’re already exercising regularly. And for new moms – you’ll want to wait six weeks after vaginal delivery or eight weeks after a Caesarean section before starting these classes.

If you’re in that window but anxious to get back in shape, Tara suggests walking with your baby to start. You can also do kegel and pelvic floor exercises and even work on deep breathing to re-engage your core.

As for the little ones, there really is no age limit – as long as they fit in the stroller and are comfortable hanging out for the class. “I have a 3-month-old, 3-year-old and 5-year-old, and they can all go with me,” Tara says.

In addition to Baby Boot Camp, Renown is also welcoming two more new classes for moms-to-be; prenatal yoga and the Haiku of Birth workshop.

Prenatal Yoga Series

Prenatal yoga will be offered every Friday night at 5:30 p.m. from Feb. 5 through March 25. This weekly class can help alleviate common pregnancy symptoms such as heartburn, swelling and back pain – encouraging you to focus on posture, breathing and meditation. Learn more here.

Renown also offers classes for breastfeeding, infant CPR, even a sibling class, just to name a few.