New Birth Art Class Offered for Parents-to-Be

birth art

Beginning in February, Renown will be offering a birth art and journaling class. This is a beautiful way for parents-to-be to celebrate and document their growing family. Here’s what birth art is, how it helps, and also how you can join in the fun.

Parents-to-be likely know about the many rites of passage as they await the arrival of their new baby: Gender reveals, decorating the nursery and ultrasounds among them.

But here’s a new opportunity for reflection, bonding and artistic expression: Birth art.

Join Renown in a new birth art and journaling class, beginning in February of 2019. It will be led by a birth and meditation instructor. This class can be taken as an individual, as a couple or in a group.

Birth art is a relatively new trend, and it allows parents-to-be to intuitively reflect imagery of their growing child or their anticipated birth experience. Some representations are literal, some figurative, some deeply symbolic — but all revealing an inner connection with their growing child.

And best of all, it is an artistic journey available to everyone, regardless of skill or perceived ability. You don’t have to be creative, experienced in art or a documented artiste (read with appropriate accent on that final syllable) to enjoy the benefits of discovering birth art.

Benefits of Creating Birth Art

Families that have created works of birth art report a sense of unity and deeper connection between family and the unborn child. It is a time to connect, contemplate and also consider the miracle happening deep within the body.  

Reno mom April Kasper created a work of birth art while she was pregnant. “I felt like I wanted to create something I’d want on the wall beyond the cute nursery years,” she recalls.

“I felt that the time was unique in my life, and that while maternity photos were also wonderful to have to capture the moment, something that is ambiguous like this might have more longevity in its appreciation hanging on the wall of my home. And it would perhaps even find a home in the future in my son’s home or even those of future generations. It’s a legacy of love I wanted to leave behind.”

The Must-Haves of Birth Art

Birth art doesn’t have to be pretty, colorful or carefully planned. It can be as raw, honest and also as spontaneous as birth itself. In other words: Anything goes when it comes to your personal approach to birth art.

Some parents-to-be use birth art as a stepping stone to really envision giving birth. While in the reflective process of making birth art, mothers enter a quiet place something similar to meditation, she may become more aware of her unborn baby, she may have a more maternal feeling, and greater sense of bonding.

Birth art classes will help prepare you for the birth of your baby, will help you be more mindful of the questions you may have deep within. 

For more information, call Chris Shoaf at 775-982-4352 or email