Four Ways You Can Wake up Without Coffee


What if coffee needs its own break from your life? We have some other ways you can wake up without that cup of Joe. 

It’s a billion-dollar business that has become an essential part of the day for some people. Coffee is used as a quick pick-me-up for many who need to stay alert, but there is evidence that the caffeine can be addictive.

With that in mind, we’ve done some research on ways to get that needed jolt in the morning or throughout the day – all without coffee. But, some of the ideas we’re not so sure about. Cold showers sound like a step too far, while telling “five minutes of jokes” as one website suggests is going to depend on the jokes!

The four sites below had several ideas in common, so we’ve chosen them as the four best ways you can get that boost without the bean.

First, though, a little bit … actually, a lot … about coffee’s effects. WebMD goes into great detail about it. It states that drinking more than six cups in a day may cause anxiety or agitation, while people who drink that much may need more caffeine over time to get that alertness they’re craving. Side effects of too much coffee include headache, anxiety and agitation – pretty much the opposite of restfulness.

Ensuring you are hydrated is one way to wake up without coffee.

So, where to turn when coffee needs its own break? Here are a few ideas:

A Morning Workout

The Huffington Post suggests that you switch your daily exercise routine to the morning hours, as morning exercise boosts your mood as well as energy levels by releasing endorphins. One interesting suggestion for sure: a seven-minute workout that takes about the same amount of time as consuming coffee.

Stephen Compston, Outpatient Dietary Director with Renown Health, likes this idea. “It gets people’s minds working early and provides that endorphin boost which may keep us feeling better throughout the day,” he says. “Endorphins make us feel good and are what we are after with something like comfort foods or even the ‘runner’s high’ that you hear about.” 

Use a Little Oil

The Inc. business news website has an interesting idea: essential oils that you can use right at your desk or bedside. Something with a scent that has a kick, such as peppermint or jasmine, can be rubbed on your hands, upper lip or temples to awaken your senses. One thing to watch is lavender, though: Inc. writes it has sleep-inducing properties.

Wake With Water

Culture Cheat Sheet offers this popular idea: Dehydration causes fatigue, so keeping that water handy – and drinking from it steadily – will help with mood and alertness throughout the day.

Fruit Boosts

The website Health Fitness Revolution chimed in with this tip: Try a different type of snack to keep you alert. Fruit such as apples have natural sugars and carbohydrates that can give you an energy boost in a way that cuts out the preservatives or other extras that may be in a cup of coffee.

Compston himself loves when people start thinking of other ways to wake up without coffee. “I may be a little biased,” he adds, “but in my opinion, we don’t need coffee to ‘wake up.’ I have never had coffee in my life and am doing just fine.”

How about your ideas? Let us know below in the comments if you have any ways you wake up without coffee.