Super Bowl Snack Hacks: Make Your Favorites, Only Healthier

super bowl snack

By swapping ingredients or even how you cook your favorite Super Bowl snack, you’ll also cut unhealthy fats and improve your health. Here are some hacks that will make you feel full and also keep your waistline happy.

Think you can’t enjoy the Super Bowl without snacks like chicken strips, dips and burgers we all know and love?

Think again. Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to gather with friends, enjoy some football and maybe best of all, eat without falling off the health bandwagon.

While traditional Super Bowl food tends to lean toward the unhealthy side, with planning and a little bit of time you can prepare and healthy tasty versions of your Super Bowl favorites.

Super Bowl Snack Hacks

Stephen Compston, a registered dietitian at Renown Health, offers tips about how to prepare some Super Bowl staples in a healthy way. With simple substitutes, you can cut calories while not skimping on taste.

“What I love to do is make an oven-fried chicken,” Compston explains.  “Buy chicken tenders and for breading I use Italian-seasoned bread crumbs and a packet of dry ranch.”  Press the chicken tenders into the breading and bake for 20 minutes at 425 degrees for a healthy finger food and a tasty way to prepare chicken without frying it.

“A good base for a dip is non-fat plain Greek yogurt,” Compston notes. “It can be used in place of any kind of base such as sour cream or mayonnaise.” This Super Bowl, try onion dip with yogurt instead of mayo and you instantly have a healthier dip.

For a lighter version of French fries, cut up your own potatoes and bake them, Compston suggests. Simply pop them in the oven for 40 minutes at 425 degrees. “You can have your potatoes in the oven, prep your chicken and put the chicken in for last 20 minutes and both are done,” Compston recommends.

“You can’t go wrong with lean-ground turkey instead of ground beef for less saturated fats,” Compston says. “As far as seasoning, the sky is the limit.  I like to make roasted turkey sliders with thyme, lemon juice/zest, garlic, salt and pepper.”


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