Truckee Meadow Herbs

Truckee Meadow Herbs

Truckee Meadow Herbs, located off of South Wells in Reno, has been helping locals with alternative medicine options for over 30 years. The owner, Tom Stewart, opened the doors at 24 years old after being mentored for 7 years by an 85-year-old woman. Truckee Meadow Herbs

“As a Christian scientist, her belief dictated not to go to a doctor. She never went to a doctor her whole life and lived to be 95. I then began reading all I could about the medicinal uses of herbs,” Stewart said.

Utilizing over 10,000 different plants, herbal medicine can be used for every type of ailment. Although there are some common beliefs that certain herbs are guaranteed to address certain issues, Stewart believes in a holistic approach rather than simply symptomatic. The focus is on the idea that each individual is unique and how each condition manifests depending on the individual rather than a blanket approach for everyone. It attempts to get to the root of the condition by utilizing and encouraging the body’s own healing processes.

The use of the whole plant is emphasized rather than isolated or synthesized chemicals. Herbal medicine is prepared as tea, powdered herb, extract, essential oil, salves, creams, homeopathics, etc.