Hydrate in Style: 4 Ways to Liven up Your Water

hydration in style

As we head into the summer months and outdoor activities abound, staying hydrated becomes even more important. But we’ll admit — plain, old water can get real boring, real quick. Here are four ways to naturally flavor your water that will help you hit your hydration goals, deliciously.

We all know drinking water is important — every system in our body depends on it. And as the days get warmer and our bodies get more active, our bodies depend even more on good hydration habits. But throwing back all that water can get monotonous, so we got creative in the kitchen. Here are four water “recipes” that are big on taste and added nutrition.

Naturally, Flavor Your Water 4 Ways

Cucumber, Lemon and Rosemary Water

You’ve probably heard of adding cucumber and lemon to your water, but rosemary? That’s right — this herb isn’t just for flavoring your meat and potatoes, it’s great for water too. It goes well with the cucumber and lemon and it’s a great source of iron, calcium and potassium, providing extra nutrients while you hydrate.

To make: Wash and cut one cucumber into thin slices, adding as many slices as you’d like to your water bottle, infuser, jar or glass. Wash and cut the lemon into wedges or thin slices and add to the glass. After you’ve washed the fresh rosemary, break off one to two sprigs and add to your glass. Fill with water and enjoy.

Strawberry, Lemon and Basil Water

Basil may seem like an unlikely herb to add to your water, but it works well with the strawberry and lemon and gives your immune system a nice boost. And the strawberries are a great source of vitamin C, along with antioxidants and fiber.

To make: Wash the strawberries, cut off the stems, slice thin and add to your glass. Wash and cut your lemon into wedges or thin slices and add to the glass. Take about eight to 10 leaves of fresh, washed basil and add to your glass. Pour in water and start hydrating.


Orange and Blueberry Water

This combination adds a whole new level of taste to your water. Oranges are full of vitamins C and A as well as folate, which helps your body produce new cells. And blueberries are full of vitamin K and manganese, which helps your body’s metabolism and brain function.

To make: Wash the orange and blueberries. Cut the orange into thin slices and add as many as you’d like into your glass. Add a handful of blueberries to your glass and add water. 

Watermelon, Kiwi and Strawberry Water

All three fruits are good sources of vitamin C, and watermelon, kiwi and strawberry is a flavor combination that will make your water taste almost like fruit juice, but with way less sugar. Watermelon also has vitamin A, which helps vision.

To make: Cut watermelon into small, 1-inch cubes. Add four to five cubes to your glass. (If want to go the extra mile, freeze your watermelon cubes beforehand to replace ice cubes). Peel the skin off the kiwi using a potato peeler, then cut into thin slices and add to your glass. Then, after washing your strawberries, cut off the stems, slice thin and add to your glass. Fill the glass with water.


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