Tired of Diets? Class Teaches Healthy Weight Loss Habits


Diets … we’ve all tried one, or two or 10. But the problem isn’t just losing the weight – it’s keeping it off. Countless studies show that most people who diet typically gain the weight back. So what’s the key to long-term weight loss? Don’t diet. Our registered dietitians explain in this short video.

Renown’s series of weight management classes are specifically designed to help educate people about eating habits and their relationship with food. Registered dietitians teach participants how to make choices that help them lose weight in a healthy, lasting way.

“We are trying to make this weight management program different from others because it isn’t a diet,” says Stephen Compston,RD, LD, CDE, Outpatient Dietary Educator at Renown. “We want to make achievable and sustainable changes.”

A Balanced Approach to Weight Loss

Melissa McGuigan has already lost 10.8 pounds since joining the class six weeks ago simply by learning how to balance her diet. And she’s not alone. This program has proven successful for both men and women of all ages – no matter what their current health.

“I have had one back surgery and two knee replacements, which I think has had a lot to do with my weight,” says program participant Randy Carlson. “The arthritis is pretty painful, and so far I have lost about 12 pounds since coming to the classes.”

Jeanne Simpson, another class participant, has also lost 12 pounds since joining the class. “I learned a great deal about my eating habits that needed to change,” Simpson says. “I’m now on the right track.”

Healthy Habits for the Whole Family 

Weight Loss StoryMelissa Sims is especially excited about Renown’s program because she’s able to make it fit her lifestyle. Sims shares her success story with Renown in the video above and how she’s able to continue cooking family favorites like her Black Bean Veggie Burger while following the program. (Check out her delicious recipe below!)

Renown’s Weight Management Program is a series of six classes that can be taken individually or as a package. When participants buy five classes, they get the sixth one free, plus a 30 minute one-on-one meeting with one of Renown’s registered dietitians.

Classes are held every Tuesday from 6-7 p.m. at 10315 Professional Circle in Reno. Classes repeat every six weeks, so participants are encouraged to enroll at any time. To register, please visit renown.org/WeightManagement or call 775-982-5073.