Are There Healthy Options for Halloween Candy?

Halloween Candy

Halloween is three weeks away if you are determined to have a healthier Halloween, start in the candy aisle. There are several healthy candy swaps that you can make to make sure that once the trick-or-treaters start knocking, you’ll be handing out a healthier option. Here are a few tips and tricks for healthier Halloween candy.

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Avoid sugar. The worst Halloween candy choices are the ones that are mostly sugar without any other nutrition, such as licorice, Smarties, gummy candies, or lollipops.

Think nutrition. The best thing when you’re considering healthier candies is to consider a sweet that also provides some kind of nutrition too, even if it’s just a few nuts. Several popular candy bar choices include peanuts–including peanut chocolate candies, peanut butter cups, or candy bars with nuts in them. If you buy fun-size, you’ll be lowering the amount of sugar the kids consume. Offering them a nice dose of fiber and protein from nuts. A nut-free option for those who have to avoid peanuts, try Sun Cups that are made out of sunflower butter.

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