Healthy Big Game Snacks from Kaia FIT Sierra


Alex Padovani This weekend is one of the biggest football game days of the year! Big Game excitement is just one more reason to eat at the height of your emotions (or maybe I’m just feeling extra hungry because I’m on a juice cleanse), but stay strong my fellow health nurturers, make healthy alternatives instead! Whether you are throwing a party, or attending one, these recipes are sure to be a hit!

Since it is the BOWL, I have come up with a very delicious, but extremely healthy dip. You can serve with the traditional potato chip, or you can use healthy alternatives like: Mary’s Gone Crackers, or a variety of veggies like carrots, celery, and broccoli.

Alex Padovani is a coach at Kaia F.I.T. Sierra, a women’s only fitness program located in Reno that specializes in delivering personalized training in a group atmosphere to produce amazing results.