Hack Your Weight With These 17 Easy Tricks

17 Weight Loss Hacks

Shedding pounds doesn’t always have to involve diets or exercise. Incorporate these tips into your everyday routine to look and feel better today.

(via Huffington Post) We all know the key to maintaining a healthy weight is we have to stay active and eat well to maintain a healthy weight. But there are a few easy things you can do besides hold the sauce and hit the gym that can facilitate looking and feeling good.

In no particular order, here are 17 ways to “cheat” the scale — and win:

17 Weight Loss Hacks

  1. Chew Your Food.
    It’s that simple. Chewing each bite means you’ll eat more slowly and ingest fewer calories. It also gives your body time to register fullness so you can stop eating when you’re satisfied instead of when you feel “stuffed.”
  2. Stop wearing sweats.
    Wearing stylish clothing that makes you feel attractive — as opposed to comfy sweats and lounge wear that hide your body — will encourage you to eat in a way that shows you care about your appearance and your body.
  1. Conceal your junk food.
    A study published in International Journal of Obesity found that office workers ate fewer candies from an opaque or covered dish as opposed to a clear dish. Do this at home by placing junk food in colored containers or behind healthier foods. (Better yet — don’t buy the junk food.)

17 Weight Loss Hacks

  1. Sit down.
    Take a seat. Consuming your food while sitting down will help you slow down and abate mindless eating, according to research published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  1. Eat off of a plate, not out of the bag.
    Put your portion on a plate rather than digging into the bag to ensure you stick to a single serving. Try dividing a snack into individual portions even before you get munching (store the rest for later in resealable plastic bags or containers).
  1. Eat your veggies before food shopping.
    A recent Cornell University study found that eating something healthy before grocery shopping makes people less inclined to purchase junk food. You’ll be in a healthier mind-set and more likely to make smarter food choices.
  1. Skip the commercials.
    Research has shown that exposure to food commercials makes people want to snack more. Similarly, watching cooking shows has been linked to a greater risk for obesity. So watch your favorite shows online or DVR them so you can skip the ads.
  1. Take the proverbial chill pill.
    Chronic stress can contribute to weight gain, so relax a little. Talk your problems out with a friend or therapist, or find some activities to help you unwind — deep-breathing, yoga, listening to music or a nap.
  1. 17 Weight Loss HacksAnd drink out of a tall, skinny glass.
    You can cut back on those cocktail calories by simply choosing a different glass. Research has shown that people pour 30 percent more liquid into short glasses compared to tall skinny ones of the same volume.
  1. And put your healthy food in plain sight.
    Studies show that when food is visible and accessible, people tend to eat more of it. So keep the fruit bowl filled, and litter your counter tops and coffee table with healthy snacks like nuts or kale chips.
  1. Quit drinking soda.
    No more soda — regular or diet. It contributes to a host of health problems, including increased risk for obesity and diabetes. Swap out the soda for some good old-fashioned, calorie-free water. Your body and your skin will thank you.
  1. Surround yourself with people who have self-control.
    If you’re trying to lose a few pounds, ask that friend who loves bingeing on dessert to join you in activities that don’t include eating. Why? Research suggests that you can be influenced by both the gluttonous and controlled eating habits of your peers.
  1. Eat off a small plate.
    A smaller dish will make your portion appear larger, tricking you into thinking you’re eating more. According the Cornell Food and Brand Lab’s Small Plate Movement, eating from a 10-inch plate instead of 12-inch one could help you eat 22 percent less at mealtimes.
  1. 17 Weight Loss HacksGet some sleep.
    Research has shown that people who sleep fewer hours are more likely to be overweight. When you’re running on empty, you feel hungrier than you would with quality rest. So get some sleep, and reap all the health benefits that sufficient rest has to offer.
  1. Pick a color(ed plate).
    When a food’s color contrasts with the plate on which it is served, fewer calories are consumed. The contrast, according to researchers, makes the portion appear larger. So pick a color — just make sure your plate doesn’t match the color of your dinner.
  1. Play Tetris. A 2014 study revealed that visual-based tasks or games decrease food cravings, which scientists have found are largely image-based. So if you feel the urge to munch, pick up your phone and go at it with those Angry Birds or Tetris till dinner time.
  1. 17 Weight Loss HacksSurround yourself with positive people.
    A recent study found that women who heard words of acceptance regarding their bodies were more likely to stabilize their weight. Those exposed to negative messages were more likely to gain. So lose the Debbie Downers, and seek out those who “keep on the sunny side.”