Go Further on Your Way to Fitness with Mindful Eating


From watching your portions to being more aware of how hungry you actually are, mindful eating can be a pathway to better health and wellness. Check out these basic tips to help you get started at your next meal.

If you have an interest in personal health and wellness, you’ve no doubt heard the term “mindfulness” before. This concept focuses on awareness in the present, staying in tune with what the mind and body are experiencing, has become a buzzword in wellness circles again.

The idea of mindfulness can apply very well to nutrition, as fostering better eating behaviors and controlling weight relies so much on watching what you eat and drink. Dietitians at Renown Health agree that the tips below are a good first step to mindful eating.

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A Look at the Mindful Eating Cycle

This is a comprehensive look at the concept of mindful eating, and includes some practical ideas for you to get started. They include the idea of the rating your own hunger on a scale from one to 10 (from how you feel when you are extremely hungry to how you feel when you are as full as you can imagine). There’s also the Mindful Eating Cycle, where you are encouraged to think about why you eat, in what ways and where you are using your energy in general.

8 Ways to Improve Mindful Eating

This quick-to-digest story from the experts at the Mayo Clinic is all about increasing awareness of what you eat. To that end, there are eight tips for you to practice, from avoiding distractions while eating to appreciating what you eat and choosing modest portions.

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