From Farm to Hospital Table: Renown Chefs Tour Lattin Farms


Renown Chefs Justin Bart and Steve Tucker recently toured Lattin Farms, one of Renown Health’s local produce vendors, learning firsthand about the ingredients they use in their culinary creations for the health network.

The certified organic farm, about an hour drive from Reno in Fallon, Nev., has been farming the 400 acres for more than 100 years.

Today, you can sample and buy produce from Lattin Farms at local Farmers Markets and Whole Foods grocery store.

“We’re lucky to have Rick Lattin’s organic farm so close to home and have distributors, like US Foods, that actually get the farm to the end user, which is us at Renown,”says Justin,  Food and Nutrition Services chef and manager. “We are able to get produce that is picked and delivered within the next day. We’re getting it at the ripest time, when it’s growing and at the right season. That’s when you are getting the biggest impact of your nutrients in your fruits and vegetables.”

Join Justin and Steve as they learn the basics of organic farming, and watch as they prepare a melon and feta salad with handpicked ingredients from Lattin Farms (recipe is included below!).