Franco Bread Served Fresh at Renown


You may recognize the name “Franco” from your grocery store bread aisles or perhaps you’re a fan of the company’s sourdough loaves. But did you know the local baker is now serving up its delicious slices throughout Renown’s healthcare network?

In 1973, Jack Gant and his partner bought the Franco Baking Company in Sparks, Nev.

Forty-three years later, Jack’s sons are now running the company. Franco bread

Today, the company makes and distributes about 15,000 loaves of bread a day in the northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe areas — and that includes to Renown Health.

The healthcare organization recently signed a three-year contract to buy bread from Franco for seven of its locations.

“We are able to provide them (Renown) bread made fresh today and delivered tomorrow,” says owner Tim Gant. “We feel we have a quality product. We use all fresh ingredients, all healthy ingredients. We don’t use a lot of chemicals in our product. We don’t use a lot of things that break dough down, so we have an overall healthy product.”

Take a tour inside Franco Baking Company and discover what makes this local baker a northern Nevada gem.