4 Unexpected Herbs to Add to Your Favorite Smoothies

herbs and cilantro smoothies

Adding herbs to your cooking is a no-brainer – they kick up the flavor without adding additional calories or unwanted sodium. But have you ever thought about adding these flavors to your favorite smoothie? In addition to treating your taste buds, many herbs pack a real punch when it comes to their health benefits.

Smoothies are an excellent go-to when you are short on time and need to sneak more servings of fruits and vegetables into your day. Many of you who enjoy these blended treats likely have your favorite flavor combinations. We invite you to mix things up a bit with these earthy herbs to add an unexpected punch to your go-to smoothie concoction.

Since they are often used in small amounts, it’s easy to overlook the health benefits of herbs. Don’t be fooled – many of your favorite flavor-boosters are also loaded with nutrients. Discover the health benefits and perhaps some new favorite go-to smoothie recipes!

Add These Herbs to Your Smoothie Ingredient List:


Basil is one of the most recognized and enjoyed herbs. In addition to its pleasing aroma and flavor, this herb also has nutritional benefits. Fresh basil contains vitamin K – which aids in blot clotting – vitamin A, and magnesium. The herb’s flavor pairs well with the sweetness of the fruits in a Pineapple-Basil Smoothie.


Related to carrots, this aromatic herb is typically found in salsa and salads. While vitamin K is this herb’s major contribution to your health, it also contains vitamin A and manganese which promote the health of your bones and tissues. Treat your taste buds to a flavor-packed Apple Pear Cilantro Smoothie or Tropical Cilantro Smoothie.

herbs and cilantro smoothies


Fresh mint, especially peppermint, may aid in digestion relaxing the lining of the digestive tract, relieving cramps, gas and indigestion. It also contains peryllyl alcohol which studies have found to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. This refreshing herb pairs well with tropical fruits, such as mangoes and pineapple, as well as vanilla and banana. We love the flavors in the Vanilla Mint Green Smoothie.


This leafy herb is more than just a garnish! Parsley improves your blood cell function by boosting your intake of iron and vitamin K, and research suggests the phytonutrients it contains have been shown to fight cancer. Add this slightly peppery herb to your favorite green smoothie, or try the Parsley Kale & Berry Smoothie or refreshing Parsley-Passion Green Smoothie.

Next time you’re feeling rushed to grab a healthy snack or breakfast, or simply need a little pick-me-up, reach for the blender and get creative with the flavor combinations!