4 Tips for Prepping Meals for the Work Week


It’s easy to be healthy when you have the time to be, but what about during the work week, where meetings, long days, emails, phone calls, etc., tend to take over, leaving us starving and reaching for the first thing we find to eat?  meal-prep-1050x700

There is a solution: prep your meals before the week even starts, and we’re here to help! Here are a few tips and tricks for prepping your meals for the work week, along with a few meal ideas.

  1. Set aside time to prep. The best day for many people is to prep on Sunday, but make sure you don’t spend your whole day prepping (unless it’s something you love to do.) Make the meals easy to cook, and make sure the meals include as many of the same ingredients as possible.
  2. Pre-package your meals. Whether you’re eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it’s a good idea to pre-package your meals in grab-and-go individual containers.
  3. Include snacks and dessert. Throughout the day, you might feel snacky but not ready for a meal. You might want a little something sweet after a particularly rough day, but you don’t want to break the caloric bank, or want to feel bad afterward. It’s important to include snacks and sweets in your meal prep.

Now, let’s move onto a few great meal ideas for your work week.