4 Must-Do Tips for a Healthier Vacation

4 Must-Do Tips for a Healthier Vacation

As you’re planning for your next vacation, don’t forget to put your health on the to-do list! We’ve got some tips for maintaining your healthy lifestyle during your travels.

(via Huffington Post) Some good old-fashioned rest and relaxation might be just what the doctor ordered, but it doesn’t mean you should negate the benefits of unwinding by falling off the health bandwagon during your vacation. Healthy Vacations

While a break from the daily grind can lead to positive mental health effects — you can explore the sights and sounds of a new city, sample local cuisine, engage in local customs and activities — you should also carve out time for your  fitness routines and healthy lifestyle while you’re away.

As you’re prepping for your next vacation, make sure these four tips make it onto your packing list:

  1. Plan to Exercise
  • Pack some lightweight exercise equipment such as exercise bands, a jump rope, yoga mat or small hand weights. Set aside a few minutes each day to exercise.
  • Download exercise apps on your mobile device — a 15-minute walking or stretching workout, for example.
  • Get outside. Explore the area with a jog or brisk walk. Go swimming, mountain biking, or take your yoga mat to the beach for your morning sun salutations.
  • Find out what your hotel, camp ground or the surrounding community has to offer. Take advantage of the gym and swimming. Sign up for exercises classes. Rent a canoe or stand-up paddle board.
  1. Eat Well
  • Request hotel staff to remove unhealthy snacks and beverages from your room ahead of time. Replace with healthy, local options — you’ll save money and calories.
  • Carry a refillable water bottle.
  • Book a room with a kitchenette so you can prepare your own meals.
  • Enjoy local cuisine the healthy way. Check out the area’s farmers markets, and broaden your palate with the healthful produce, treats and specialties unique to the area.
  1. Stay Active
  • Forego the buses and subways and put one step in front of the other. Walking is a great way to explore your surroundings while staying active. Sign up for a free walking tour or download a walking app.
  • Find out if the hotel or city where you’re staying offers courtesy bicycles for guests and tourists. If not, ask concierge or search online for bike rental shops near your hotel.
  • Enjoy the sunshine. It forces you to spend more time outdoors, boosts your mood and naturally motivates you to be more active. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • Whenever possible, take the stairs. Turn it into a counting game with the kiddos: Guess the number of stairs you’re climbing and start counting.
  1. Unplug
  • Schedule your vacation when you know the office will be slow so you can truly leave work behind and instead focus on unwinding and rejuvenating.
  • While mobile devices make it easier to stay in touch while away, they also make it difficult to relax and decompress. To get the most R&R, disconnect from technology.
  • Plan vacations that last from 10 to 14 days. It can take three to four days to unwind. Once you’ve given yourself “permission” to let go, you need a few more days to achieve that mental reset.