Everyday Hero: Renown Nurse Helps Save Fellow Traveler’s Life

everyday hero
everyday hero
Registered Nurse Ashley Saibini (third from left ) was honored by the American Red Cross as an Everyday Hero for helping a man who was having a stroke at Yellowstone National Park this summer. She is pictured with fellow RNs Daun Russell, Denise Lange and manager Brandi Griggs.

Renown RN Ashley Saibini didn’t hesitate when she noticed a fellow traveler in distress at Yellowstone National Park. In honor of her quick action — which helped saved the man’s life — Saibini was named an “Everyday Hero” by the American Red Cross of Northern Nevada.

It’s been said that nurses dispense comfort, compassion and caring — even without a prescription. We’d like to add that they dispense care even without an exam room or hospital, like Ashley Saibini, RN, quality coordinator for Outpatient Wound Care, who was recently honored by the American Red Cross of Northern Nevada as an “Everyday Hero” for helping to save a tourist’s life while on vacation at Yellowstone National Park. 

When one of the members of her travel group became unresponsive during breakfast, Saibini suspected he was having a stroke and responded quickly. With hardly any medical options or help in a dining room in the middle of a national park, Saibini ran the man through a series of stroke tests. 

Always a Nurse

The restaurant called 911, but because of the remote location, it took the park ranger 45 minutes to arrive with medical equipment. Saibini continued to monitor the 81-year-old man’s vitals and kept his wife and family as calm as possible, reassuring them while asking crucial questions about his medications, medical history and baseline health. Once the ranger arrived, he deferred to Saibini and gave her his medical equipment. Saibini provided care and support until the paramedics later arrived and the man was airlifted by helicopter. At the hospital, it was determined that the man had a stroke.

Saibini’s identical twin sister, Kristen Saibini, witnessed the whole episode.

“I have always been proud of my sister as a registered nurse for the care I see her provide to her patients everyday at Renown,” Kristen says. “But to see her on vacation — out of nowhere — step into this situation with a sense of calm, ease, compassion and professionalism — it pushed my pride for Ashley and her skills as an RN even further.” 

The man and his family were able to rejoin the trip a few days later. He and his wife expressed their gratitude through tears and hugs.

Saibini was humble about the Red Cross recognition.

“There are so many other deserving medical professionals at Renown, let alone in our community, so I was very surprised and honored to learn I was chosen for this award,” Saibini says. “Helping people is what I do as a nurse, so I didn’t even think twice about assisting. I’m glad I was there and able to help and that the man is OK.”

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  1. I'm so impressed! This story brought me to tears for this family; they were so lucky to have Ashley there at the time they needed her. I work along side many wonderfully talented people (some of them RN's) and am so impressed the way these professionals stay calm and provide care not only to the patients but to their family and friends. Great job!
  2. What a great story! I would be so thankful if this had been one of my family members. Thanks Ashley, and congratulations on your honor...well deserved.
  3. Ashley is a great nurse and such a compassionate person... I'm not even a little surprised that she took care of this person while on her vacation! That really is the kind of person Ashley is! Renown is fortunate to have her. (I loved working with her when I did!!)
    • Brings happy tears to my eyes to think of all the great nurses like Ashley we have here at Renown Regional that are truly caring and compassionate responding at a moments notice to a person in distress. Kudos Ashley!!!