Transitional Care 101: The Right Care in the Right Place


What exactly is “transitional care”? While some may classify this simply as the place patients go after hospitalization, Renown is looking at transitional care services differently.

Renown Health understands the benefits of delivering care in the setting that works best for the patient and their family. The healthcare system provides a full continuum of care, so patients stay in the very best location to serve their individual needs.

Transitional Care: The Questions

To make this possible, Renown’s team considers the big picture of each patient’s journey at every step along the way. As patients prepare to return home after a hospitalization, the transitional care team digs deep and asks:

  • How we can best keep this individual out of the hospital?
  • What caused that individual to enter the hospital in the first place?
  • Were there conditions at home that might have contributed to their need for health care services?

The team at Renown Health believes in providing the right care in the right place for their patients.

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