Planning for the Future: Strategies for Retaining Nurses


Happy nurses mean happy patients, which is why retaining nurses is so important at Renown Health. In this video, we examine strategies for improving nursing employee morale.  

Nurses play an integral role in our healthcare system, because they greatly impact our patient experience. They also are instrumental in helping our entire healthcare system function efficiently and effectively. As such, we devote considerable time and resources to finding just the right people to join our team. Our goal is to prepare our employees for a successful, long-term career.

Retaining Nurses: Strategies for Success

While some staff changes are expected, we are focused on our turnover rate as an important measure of our organization’s culture. At Renown, we take employee turnover seriously, and we work hard to uncover and address problems that contribute to the decision to move elsewhere. We look to identify processes that improve workflow and job satisfaction, and engage our frontline staff in helping us better understand what makes their work most meaningful.


Above all, we believe that no challenge is too large or small when it comes to making Renown Health the employer of choice for nurses in our region.

Nursing Careers at Renown

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