Here’s How a New Pharmacy Program Helps Home Health Patients


Optimal patient healing often happens at home, but it’s important to ensure home is a safe environment. One potential hazard: medications the patient has at home that may interfere with new prescriptions. Therefore, Renown has developed an innovative pharmacy approach that focuses on patient safety. 

The right environment can have an enormous impact on a person’s recovery from illness or injury. At Renown Health, we believe in the restorative power of a peaceful, comfortable environment. We also believe in allowing patients to recover in the best setting for them. For most patients, that means returning to the comfort of their home and their loved ones.

With this focus on the patient, Renown Home Health Care provides coordinated, comprehensive care in a person’s home. One of the innovative ways Renown Home Health Care team delivers care is through a new pharmacy program, which partners with pharmacists to look at a comprehensive list of a patient’s medications to check for any potential harmful interactions.

This is just one of the ways that caregivers and also clinicians at Home Health take a whole-person approach to health.