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The nurses at Renown Health make a genuine difference every day for the people and communities we serve. To share their voices and perspective, BestMedicine is proud to introduce Beyond the Bedside, a blog featuring Jen Richards, PhD, RN, Renown Health vice president and chief nursing officer, acute care services, and Melodie Osborn, RN, BSN, vice president and chief nursing officer, transitional care services

As healthcare organizations work to improve the patient experience and lower costs, one of the most impactful changes has been the focus on transitional care and the innovation around providing care in alternate-care settings.

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While patients often need to spend time in a hospital or long-term care setting, other times healthcare providers can care for people closer to their homes and families. Caring for patients in a more natural setting allows us to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients, leading to better outcomes when the conditions are right. This is a solution that is better for the patient and the patient’s family, and better for the healthcare system.

With this in mind, Renown Health offers an array of post-hospital and physical rehabilitation services that help each patient achieve independence and an improved quality of life. Our team works hard to coordinate medical records, primary and specialty care, and diagnostics to provide smooth, continuous care and help our patients accomplish their goals. And, when necessary, we arrange for post-hospital follow-up visits, which provide opportunities to address conditions that may have contributed to the initial hospitalization and better prepare people for self-care.

At Renown Health, we believe that it is our team’s responsibility to work with patients and families to deliver the care that will be most beneficial to their individual needs, ultimately helping them maximize their independence.

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