Nursing Blog: Creating a Culture of Safety


Renown Health Chief Nursing Officer Jen Richards, PhD, RN, explains how Renown maintains a focus on quality and safety.

Quality and safety are the foundation of everything that we do at Renown Health.

Taking nothing for granted, we have built a culture that prioritizes communication, safety and continual improvement. Renown Health has launched several key initiatives to bring these principles to life, empowering each employee to advocate for their patients. Rooted in our lean process improvement model, Transformational Health Care, we’ve implemented concepts like “Stop the Line” to empower every one of our employees to speak up when they have a concern or believe a mistake might occur. When they speak up and stop the line, leaders respond to the situation, in conjunction with our patient safety team, to better understand what is happening and, if possible, to put processes in place to prevent the mistake from occurring.

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We’ve also focused on practicing “Just Culture” throughout Renown over the last several years. This means that when mistakes do occur, we look at the systems and processes that may have allowed the event to occur. By doing this, we are able to make improvements to our systems and processes that will prevent the mistake from happening again. We call this “attacking the process, versus attacking the people.”

In order to drive the best quality and highest level of safety for our patients, we must bring a sense of ownership, humility and determination to confront and learn from our mistakes all while continuing to support and empower our employees on the frontline who are so integral to this work every day.

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