Nursing Blog: What Attracted You to Nursing?


In honor of Nurse’s Week, Renown Health Chief Nursing Officers Jen Richards, PhD, RN, and Melodie Osborn, RN, BSN, MBA, share what inspired them to become nurses.

Everyone has a story about why they became a nurse. Some nurses wanted to follow a family member’s footsteps. Others were inspired seeing nurses in action. Some simply wanted to make a difference in another person’s life — and many of us can’t imagine doing anything else with our lives. 

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There are many reasons for becoming a nurse, but many of us share a love for the same things about our job. Caring for others. Putting people at ease. Advocating for patients. Being present to offer a smile or a hug. Touching lives.

In honor of National Nurse’s Week, we share what inspired us to become nurses. Share your story in the comment section below!

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