Nursing Blog: Welcoming New Employees With a Team Approach


How does Renown Health introduce new employees to their jobs? It’s a comprehensive orientation program that includes a thorough introduction to many available resources. Read about them more here, and watch the video for details. 

One of Renown Health’s greatest assets is an outstanding, engaged staff, and one of the organization’s goals is to inspire that passion in each new employee. It takes more than a warm greeting and overview of responsibilities for someone to feel truly welcome and connected to their new organization. That’s why Renown Health has created a robust orientation program. It helps new nurses form meaningful relationships, deepen their knowledge and grow their careers.

New Employees: A Team Approach Offers Support

Knowing that collaboration and mentorship is particularly important for new nurses, the nursing leadership team created programs to support them during the transition from the classroom to the bedside. Renown Health’s Graduate Nurse Residency and preceptorship programs provide clinical support, education and also mentorship for new nurses.

Renown Health also believes in the importance of helping employees grow their careers. The Nurse Supervisor Residency program provides professional development for up-and-coming leaders, allowing them to shadow nurse directors and attend educational conferences and meetings. Renown Health also provides incentives for nurses to expand and enhance their clinical skills through higher education, national certifications, mentoring and leadership opportunities.

Supporting and investing in our employees will help to strengthen Renown Health. It also better fulfills the mission to make a genuine difference in the health and wellbeing of those we serve.

Nursing Careers at Renown Health

Nurses at Renown Health demonstrate a commitment to patients and their families. This is demonstrated through the integration of care, clinical expertise, education, evidence-based practice and the pursuit of quality patient outcomes. Learn more about our mission, vision, values and also the benefits of a career in nursing at Renown Health today.

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