Employees Give the Gift of Time Off to Grieving Coworker


When Renown Health Wound Care nurse, Leora, RN, faced the sudden death of her husband — her coworkers came together to donate their personal paid time off to help.

It was a difficult time. Renown Health Wound Care nurse, Leora, RN, was faced with the sudden death of her husband and waves of emotions and heartache. But she also worried about details that can be overwhelming when a partner passes, like paying bills and how much time off you may have available.

Leora had used up all her paid time off for the year due to her struggles with a chronic and uncommon inflammatory disease, dermatomyositis, that affects her ability to walk.

But Leora’s coworkers and other Renown employees donated more than 240 hours of their own paid time off to her so she could take a month off to grieve her husband and take care of herself and her kids. She is telling her story to thank everyone who was so supportive and loving during this time. “I’m moving through this slowly, but surely,” says Leora.

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  1. I had the same thing happen to me.My husband suddenly passed away.He took care of most things.I was lost at doing things he did.A friend came & showed me how to do these things.I am so grateful for the help.I am also grateful for Grief Relief.Thank You for your help & support.
  2. Definitely couldn't be more thankful for the wonderful people we work with here. I'm not going through the same thing but very unexpected health problems that many of my wonderful coworkers have reached out to help me through!