Beyond the Bedside: Building a Culture of Innovation in Nursing


The nurses at Renown Health make a genuine difference every day for the people and communities we serve. To share their voices and perspective, BestMedicine is proud to introduce Beyond the Bedside, a blog featuring Jen Richards, PhD, RN, Renown Health vice president and chief nursing officer, acute care services, and Melodie Obsborn, RN, BSN, vice president and chief nursing officer, transitional care services

Healthcare is changing every day. The way that people view both health and healthcare is evolving, and at Renown Health, we believe it is time to develop new care delivery models that better serve our patients, community and providers.

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Nurses at Renown Health demonstrate a commitment to patients and their families through the integration of care, clinical expertise, education, evidence-based practice and the pursuit of quality patient outcomes. Learn more about our mission, vision and values and the benefits of a career in nursing at Renown Health today.

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We believe it is important to involve employees at all levels — especially those who interact with patients every day — in the process of improving our services. The employees at the front line who spend the most time with our patients have extraordinarily innovative ideas about how to improve the delivery of care. The ability to listen, think creatively, be flexible, and optimize outcomes and resources are all important to the development of creative solutions. They are also skills that nurses use every day.

At Renown Health, it is important for everyone in our organization to feel supported and empowered to share ideas that will improve the lives of the people we serve. That’s why we’re committed to creating and maintaining an environment where our nursing staff, and all of our employees, feel comfortable bringing new ideas to the table.

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