Behind the Scenes: Becoming an OR Nurse


Renown Health’s Surgical University, a training for those interested in becoming an OR nurse, is now offered to new graduates along with more experienced nurses.

During nursing school, students see different areas of the hospital and other care areas to get an idea of what it could be like to work there after they graduate.

For Renown Health nurse Alexander, he fell in love with the Operating Room (OR).

“I saw the nurse, the tech, the anesthesiologist and the anesthesia tech all come together all for this one patient at this one time … that was big for me,” he said.

The teamwork Alexander witnessed during his first experience observing in an operating room really impressed him. After that he was in the OR every chance he got.

Alexander’s passion and drive to be in the operating room inspired the Renown nursing leaders to enhance the Surgical University training program for any interested nurses, including new graduates.

At the Tahoe Tower Surgical Center alone, there are an average of 2,500 surgeries performed each month. These surgeries treat people with a range of diagnoses from a bad hip to a critical injury. The OR nurses act as advocates for these patients when they can’t do so for themselves.

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