Acute Care Nurses Support Hundreds of Patients Daily


Any nursing role is challenging, but working within acute care, or care that involves treating patients with short term but serious conditions, represents one of healthcare’s most demanding positions. Learn more about some of the challenges faced by acute care nurses — and the incalculable value of the service they offer.

The role of an acute care nurse extends far beyond well-known nursing responsibilities, such as checking symptoms and providing bedside care. Acute care nurses also are responsible for maintaining our structure of care, balancing hospital protocols with doctors’ orders and individual patients’ needs. They also maintain a smooth flow of patients in and out of the hospital, as well as between departments. This minimizes wait times and prevents overcrowding.


Within acute care, our intensive care units (ICU) work with some of our most injured and ill patients. Three of Renown ICUs have been named Nevada’s only Beacon-awarded units from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. Ultimately, these awards showcase how our ICU nurses and care teams go above and beyond to provide the best quality care to patients and their families.

Acute Care Nurses Manage Patients’ Next Steps

It’s no small feat to provide efficient, quality care to hundreds of patients a day. And when patients are ready to leave our hospitals, nurses help to determine ongoing care plans. They determine whether a patient should be discharged home or to another care facility.  

Because of all of this, nurses are central to everything we do at Renown Health. We thank them for keeping our hospitals running smoothly and enabling us to deliver high quality care. 

Nursing Careers at Renown Health

Nurses at Renown Health demonstrate a commitment to patients and their families. Their role combines high-quality care, clinical expertise, education, evidence-based practice and the pursuit of quality patient outcomes. Learn more about our mission, vision and values and the benefits of a career in nursing at Renown Health today.

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