Reaffirm Your Resolutions


Are you struggling to stay on track? Here are five simple tips to breathe new life into your New Year’s resolutions.

1.   Ignite Your Intentions With Action Steps
Despite your best intentions, your resolve may have faded over the last couple of months. That’s even more likely if your resolutions had no strings attached, according to the experts. That means you didn’t connect specific action steps to the goals you laid out. So you want to lose seven pounds by May? Nice goal, but reframe it with actionable steps. “I will walk two miles four times each week and limit my sugar intake to one or two days a week.” Now we’re talking!

Visualize how you want to look and feel, but do a “reality check” with someone who has achieved what you think you want.
Visualize how you want to look and feel, but do a “reality check” with someone who has achieved what you think you want.

2.   Use Technology to Help You Cross the Finish Line
There are a number of spot-on apps that will give you the extra push you need to keep your resolutions viable. If you’re looking to up your game physically and mentally, there’s an app for that! For example, Fitocracy not only tracks your workouts but lets you earn points and poses a number of challenges for you to overcome. If eating the right foods continues to be a hassle, Epicurious will come to the rescue. This app not only guides you to healthier meals, but gives meal suggestions based on what you have in your pantry right now.

3.   Visualize Your Goals With an Open Mind and Do Your Research
If there’s a particular goal you want to achieve and you know someone who has already attained it, ask her what it took to succeed. Don’t be bashful. The response may help you determine if the goal is really worthy of your time and energy.

4.   Relapses Are Temporary: Learn From Your Mistakes
If you fail as you strive to achieve your goal, get back on the proverbial horse. That means determining why and where you went wrong and rewarding yourself when you do get back on track. For example, “gift” yourself with a massage or a healthy treat if you are able to keep your gym commitment or minimize snacking.

5.   Stick to One Goal at a Time
Focusing on one goal at a time builds a keystone habit—a core habit that starts a chain reaction wherein healthy habits cascade into other, better behaviors. For example, you start exercising regularly, which motivates you to eat less, which motivates you to dress more professionally.

The Power of Habit