Power of Diversity


There is power in diversity and in embracing our differences.

In a diverse community — including various genders, ethnicities, cultures, religions and individual life experiences — differences often lead to collaboration, learning, and the appreciation of other’s experiences and knowledge. It’s these unique perspectives we all have that enrich our lives. 

The diverse backgrounds and past experiences of each of the 5,800 employees at Renown also adds tremendous value to their work every day. 

“Diversity leads to better health care. We share the diverse backgrounds of the patients we serve, which improves our ability to address their healthcare needs.” — Max Coppes, MD, Executive Vice President, Chief Medical and Academic Officer

We celebrate our organization’s diversity, by highlighting how our employees work together to improve the health and well-being of the patients and communities we serve.   

How do you say “Diversity Heals” in your native language or what does diversity mean to you? Share in the comments!  


  1. The video was excellent. What an amazing representation of all of the different people it takes to care for our community